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What is workUtopia?

Imagine an environment where everyone can perform at their best, improve productivity, and well-being is as important as profit. That's workUtopia.

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Join Amazon veteran and ASOS Chairman, Brian McBride and respected communications analyst, Dave Michels as we discuss some of the big issues that will affect industry. See what they think about the Gig Economy, Artificial Intelligence and Industry 4.0 and join the debate below.

Episode One

With the fear of obsolescence hanging over many jobs, we explore how we can work together with AI to make us all more productive and our jobs easier.

Episode Two

The freelance workforce is growing at a rapid rate and could soon make up 41% of the labour force. We explore how companies need to adapt to integrate these workers effectively.

Episode Three

We discuss how increasing customer expectations are affecting retail, what demands this puts on manufacturers and how Industry 4.0 will help to meet them.

workUtopia articles

In these articles you can read highlights of the conversation between our industry experts with some further insights on how Unify are helping customers in these areas.

Industry 4.0

See how Industry 4.0 is helping meet the increasing demands of retailers and the key role that communication and collaboration is playing.

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Artificial Intelligence

AI will replace 1.8m jobs by 2020 but it will create 2.3m. See how you can integrate it into your workforce to increase productivity and improve employee wellbeing.

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The Gig Economy

Freelance workers are making up an increasing number of the labour force. Discover the changes in attitude and in technology needed to maximise their contributions to your company.

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Characters in Collaboration

One of the biggest challenges in any industry is having to work with different characters.

Take our quiz to reveal which one you most resemble, see if you can spot any colleagues and learn how best to work with them.